From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: Around the World with Archives, Books and Codices

In the words of Emily Dickinson, “There is no Frigate like a Book / To take us Lands away.” But why stop at books?  Add atlases, letters, travel diaries, photo albums, sketchbooks, souvenirs, posters, ocean liner menus, and the armchair travel possibilities are endless.  Take a voyage through the far-flung geographical corners of our collections; the catalogers of the Kislak Center will be your guides!

Each year, October is Archives Month Philly during which institutions around the region celebrate all things "special" collections!  The Special Collections Processing Center at the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts puts on a cataloger-curated show for one evening with just a few of our favorite things.

"From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: Around the Word with Archives, Books and Codices" took place on October 23, 2019.